The JoyRide: Dez is talking sex magic and creating magic while speaking

The first day of The JoyRide Malmö - love in action has happened. And I am so happy about all the love, all the hugs, and all the insigh...

The first day of The JoyRide Malmö - love in action has happened.
And I am so happy about all the love, all the hugs, and all the insights.
I feel honoured to be a co-creator of this, and I heard people say:
– Next time I will join the whole festival, I wonder what I was so afraid about.

Feeling kind of exhausted Monday morning,  I will in a little while take my steps to Tangopalatset, for the second day of love in action.
From my perspective the first day was super intense, and event though I am a part of the organizing team, I gave myself space to listen to Baba Dez Nichols, giving a lecture on sex magic and answering all sorts of questions around sexuality, sexual energy and sex magic.
It was really nice to feel the curious energy in the big room in Tangopalatset.
Later Alexander and I where hosting our traditional workshop, on sex and shame, letting the participant shine in all their glory, and having the courage to share shame in a safe environment.
I ended my first day with a drum journey, led by Calle Rehbinder, falling in to other worlds, being in a void, hearing a voice telling me to surrender, and trust.. and heard promises of new things do be dawning soon... and I have no idea what that might be.

I am so happy for every courageous person joining The JoyRide yesterday, for a minute, for an hour or the whole day, and even more happy for the ones I am gonna meet today.
Vibrant and alive I will meet this day.


PS: Sydsvenskan writes about us today.


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