Diving in to words of love, sexual energy and living life in totality.

I am in the privileged situation of reading a still unpublished book, and reading bits and parts of it, while the writing is happening.
It’s a book about Tribal tantra, and the author to be born is my friend Eugene Hedlund.
I dive into his world of tantra, feeling how my energy awakens, just by reading his words.
It’s really a treat for me. I devour his words and feel alive, aligned and loved.

I get a lot of questions these days, questions on tantra, on energy, on sexual energy. People long to understand, and long for elaborate explanations.

And I stand there, sometimes speechless, or wordless, since the world of energy is more subtle than the wordy world.

A misunderstanding about tantra that it’s just about sex, that’s its kind of a sexual practice. To me that is a very limited understanding of what tantra brings into our world.

As I see it our sexual energy and our life force energy is the same. It’s just different ways of expressing it, and maybe there are people who are reluctant to feel the sexual parts of the energy, since there is a lot of judgment, shame and guilt linked to our sexual energy.

So I join Eugene’s world of tantra, I just dive in to this ocean, this universe, and I am at home. I feel how the tensions leaves my body, I feel a possibility to breath in totality, to feel in totality, to be me, to bloom as me, to embrace every feeling and emotion, especially the ones I use to place in my shadow.

Tantra, to me, is to be connected to myself, to fellow travelers, to lovers and to the greater good, to the spirit, to the universe and at the same time feel grounded, my feet touching Mother Earth.

It’s a possibility to be with it all, what ever it feels like.

Depending of how “sex” is defined, I could say: Yes, tantra is about sex, maybe I could say: Tantra is all about sex energy. If I choose this definition, it’s because I choose a wide view of what sexual energy is, and what is possible to meet and experience in the flow of sexual energy.

My meetings with tantra have often happened through different kinds of meditation, where few of them are sexual. I have been eye gazing, breathing, touching, dancing, and surrendered as parts of my tantra practice. I have learned to be more in contact with my inner depths, and the truth about my self. Meeting my sexual energy, I have had to let go of some of the bullshit; it has leaded me to live a life where authenticity is crucial. Where I meet life with open eyes, open to receive the gifts of life.

And it’s really rewarding to me to listen to the words of a man, having practiced tantra, and creating is own special fragrance of it, being inspired to learn more about the world of touch, of sexual meetings, and of letting my energy flow.

So now I’m going to spend more time, letting my editors eye in a compassionate meeting this world… because I am really looking forward seeing this book becoming reality.


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