The magic of presence: In a bubble of light

He is sitting right in front of me, coffee cups between us, gazing at me, holding me with his eyes.
And I tell a story from the depths of my heart. His presence, his open heart, is carrying me into even more presence.
As a tear is falling from the wrinkle of my eye. I feel a very strong gratitude, for us, creating, for a blink of time in the universe, a bubble of light
 surrounding us, creating an instantaneous unity.

I just love presence. To swim in presence with someone. To be there, in each other’s light, to be seen, in totally, to feel that even the shadows are met in this precious moment, in this continuing now.

Sometimes I stay in silence for a while, waiting for my words to enter, allowing the feelings to be there, being connected to me, and to the person on the other side of the table.

It’s a person I never met before, he asked if I could join him for a cup of coffee, and I said yes, not knowing the purpose of our meeting, just allowing it to happen.

And soon the presence is there. We are creating a bubble of presence, a bubble of light. It’s as the world – to me – is we, and that inside this bubble it’s possible to show me, and take him in, in totality. There is no risk, no fear, just love, presence and curiosity. There are moments of vulnerability. He tells me some of his story, and to me his words are so alive and potent, that it feels that I am there beside him, in the story, for a brief moment walking his path.

And he gives space for me to be there, to take my time, to say what needs to be said. It’s like a spiraling meeting, it’s like our words make my world more understandable, and I get some epiphany’s there and some new understanding.

What rest in me now, is this feeling of being seen, being held, and not being rushed into saying more than necessary. When I show him some of my wounds, he sits there silent, his eyes in mine, and holding space for me. As I go into silence, and a few tears are rolling, he stays in silence, giving me even more space, giving me some moments to integrate, waiting until I am ready to come back, to say something more, or to listen.

It felt like I met an angel. It felt like I, over a simple cup of coffee, met a person my soul needed to meet. A person who was willing to acknowledge me, who could ask me to keep up my good work, but of course expressed in a much more beautiful way, than I express it now.

I am so grateful for this meeting, and for other unique and at the same time similar meetings I have, feeling surrounded and protected by persons who is willing to see me… and who values me… simply for who I am. I am bowing in gratitude to these meetings, be they in person or thru a social media. Namaste.

PS: I remember Dean Martin used to say, that he stayed sober once a year, on new year, calling it "amateurs eve", so if you feel I do not send enough love today... the reason may be that I am busy doing it around the clock...


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