What if love is a verb?

What if love is a verb, something we do, something we create?
How would your life look with that mindset?
And how can you do love today?

I speak a lot about love, about feeling it, about sharing it, about being it.

The other day I met a person who, in a conversation, was reflecting a bit deeper about love. And one way of looking at love is, to see it as something you consciously create.

And with that perspective, there is a whole lotta love out there to be done … if your heart is on that track.

Some times you might feel as a victim for love, that love hurts. Other times you might feel that love is something that is just happening, and that the only thing you can do is surrendering to it.

With the perspevtice of creating love, other spaces opens, at least to me. Then it’s possible to see love as something possible to move, to chose, to create, to cocreate.

You can try this meditation every morning: Sit still for a moment. Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing, take 3 deep breaths. And then ask yourself: How can I do love today? And just listen to the answer from within.

Charlotte Cronquist is a love warrior

Love is the answer


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