Sexsibility festival: Let's worship the Yoni. When I grew up there was no word for my sex. It was called “front bottom”. In my teens there were several words. Bu...

When I grew up there was no word for my sex.
It was called “front bottom”.
In my teens there were several words.
But most of them were used for cursing, not worshipping, loving or liking our sex.
And I want to change that:
Our sex is the gate of life, it’s something sacred and sexy, it’s the goddess energy... it’s Inanna, Freya, Kali, Pele, Afrodite... or who ever you prefer.
It’s time toreclaim the pussy.

And if you come to the sexsibility festival in August, you will have the possibility to join a Yoni Puja, as one of many workshops and happenings.

I have written a book (in Swedish) called “Ingen skam i kroppen - frigör din sexuella kraft” - That would be something like: “Have you no shame - liberate your sexual power.”
In this book I describe my journey from shame to lust and pleasure and I invite the reader to make her or his own voyage in that direction.
Writing this book became a part of my sexsibility coach training. (Next coach training starts in february 2014 and will be held in English.)

And my pussy,vagina, vulva, cunt is important in that book. Or rather my relation to my vagina. Because when I have a healthy and loving relation to my vagina, I also accept and love myself as a women, I can embrace my femininity. When I felt ashamed of my sexuality and my vagina, then something fundamental was missing in my life.

Take a look at your vagina - and accept what you see. 
Every vagina is unique, they differ as faces... and make a loving relationship with and see the beauty.
I meet a lot of women and some of them loathe their genitals. They don't even know how they look. "I believe that my vagina is ugly and abnormal, but I don't dare to look", as one of them told me.
If you want to have a slight look, you can either use a mirror, go to this webpage, where ordinary women shows their vaginas, or you can look at vaginas as art at

I want us to reclaim our vaginas, our sexual power and all our femininity. 

I want words naming our sex usually used as curses to be transformed in to beautiful words. Because in a symbolic sense, cursing our wonderful sex, is cursing our sexuality - our femininity.

In Swedish we have this old word “fitta” which means “moist meadowland”.
Maybe you can see the poetic picture... a word really describing parts of the wonder with our sex. Moist meadow.
And this word is mostly used in a pejorative way ins Sweden.
During the 1990’s some women tried to reclaim “fitta” by using the world in a positive sense. They didn’t really succeed, but a seed was sown.

Today I work as sexsibility coach, and among us, we often use “fitta” revaluating the word. “I love fitta”.

I guess there are similar words in English.
Were some word is counted as dirty (and why connect pussy with dirt, anyhow??)
How to you value words like pussy, vagina, or cunt?
Do you like the sanskrit word yoni?
Are there some cute and accurate words for little girls pussies?
And what do you - as a woman - call your own sex - and what word could you - as man - use to honor her? Our what ever gender you prefer to use.

Last year I attended a women’s festival, at Mundekulla, Sweden. 

And because I am me I got a special assignment. 
I stood on stage encouraging all the participants to find a beautiful word for their sex.
I can see me standing there, talking about the gate of life, the yoni, the pussy, the vagina, the vulva, the sex, the mouse, the cunt … and really tell them how important this is.
I consciously choose to speak a lot about the word “fitta”. 

It's time make this magical word beautiful again. To let it be the moist meadow again, instead of being an insult.

If we ignore giving our sex a name that is a powerful message that says:
Our vagina does not, or should not exist, should be hidden, should be ignored, too ugly or dangerous to talk about.

To name the sex, to explore our beautiful vagina, to embrace our femininity is to enhance female power and to reclaim our power in the world. We live in a world where feminin leadership is needed. We need more balance in the world. And a symbolic gesture may be, to at one point worship the vagina.

Yoni Puja, sexsibilityfestival 2011.

Join the sexsibility festival - a good opportunity to make friends with your vagina.


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  1. Det här hade jag och Maria älskat att gå på. Fasen vad roligt!
    btw. Vi var inne i en butik vid medis och skulle kolla lite sexleksaker och lack och läderoutfits för lite rollspel och en g-punktsstav i något mjukt material (vår wewibe är lite för klen) och såg där inne några bilder som Alexander gjort, vilket jag frågade hon som stod i butiken om det var, vilket hon bekräftade och så började vi snacka. Hon känner dig väl sade hon, vet inte vad hon heter eller något alls, men hon skulle hälsa till dig iaf.

  2. charlotterudenstam30 juli 2013 09:41

    Hehe, ja jag vet var du var, men inte vem som stod i butiken. Men jag tar självklart varmt emot den hälsningen <3

  3. charlotterudenstam30 juli 2013 09:42

    Hade hon vitt hår, månne?

  4. Ja, vacker kvinna i runt 55-års åldern. Vitt hår och oerhört vänlig och sympatisk.



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