Sexsibilityfestival this summer proudly presents: Matt Sinbad and Leanne Edwards, Unique Tantra

Matt Sinbad and Leanne Edwards, will, for the first time, join the Sexsibilityfestiva l – and we are so happy to present these wo...

Matt Sinbad and Leanne Edwards, will, for the first time, join the Sexsibilityfestival – and we are so happy to present these workshop leaders  to you!
Matt Sinbad is the creator of unique tantra… and sees tantra as an opportunity to connect us to our uniqeness.

– I work with sexuality, because I simply love sex, says Matt. Sexual energi is our life force energt and when cosciosly cultivated and directed it contains and enormous amount of potential for healing and transformation.

– I believe that the root cause of much of the disharmony on our planet today; be that in individual relationships, cultures that have experienced extreme sexual repression through religious indoctrination, or giant corporate companies raping our earth for their own benefit, is a result of the suppression and/or miss-use of sexual/lifeforce energy, says Lea.  If part of our education included the sacredness of sexuality, how to manage our energy; where it comes from, how to hold it and where to direct it, and how to interact and communicate consciously, our world would be a much healthier and happier planet for our earthwalk experience.

So Matt and Lea will bring some of that conscious connection to the festival.
Some years ago Matt vas involved in co-creating The New Tantra with Alex Vartman.
– After leaving this tribe of centralised specific sexual and tantric practices to open peoples sexuality I realised that the way we perceive and where we are at in the moment of interaction is very individual and therefore the access into our sexual opening is unique to each person. With that understanding I was inspired to create a platform to support individuals and groups into their uniqueness, to open through tantra their connection to spirituality and the sacredness of life.

Matt remembers the moment when is sexual awakening began, som fifteen years ago, as ha was choosing between life and death.
– I was guided to find the answers to “what is love and what is tantra? This event marked the beginning of a 15-year experiential journey into tantra, sacred sexual healing and the meaning of love, a journey that continues today. 

Lea sees her whole life as a process of evolution. Five years ago she left everything in her life befing to discover who she really was. And she started to get i contact with shamansm and become a student at Fourwinds society.

– Then I discovered that this healing journey was a process of unwrapping the present. Shedding layer upon layer of past trauma, limited beliefs and social programming because once we do this we realise that within each and every soul is a divine spark that carries a vibration of who we are and what our purpose is on earth. Our mind no longer decides or chooses as once the clouds of the past are cleared we have direct connect to our soul, to the god/goddess within and the that spark vibrates so strongly that we naturally attract to us everyone and everything we meed to fulfil our purpose, which ultimately brings us much joy, beauty and abundance.

Matt discovered that everything is energy and that sexual energy is our life-force energy.
– Since then I have become more humble to life itself and now feel very connected to our earth and nature. By resurrecting the divine feminine with the power of unconditional love within myself and learning how to channel my sexual energy has radically transformed what were once only spiritual concepts of enlightenment into reality.

And Lea discovered that she on her journey hade disconnected from her sexuality.
I needed to revisit that age old program that 'sex is separate from spirit' and I was ready to experience myself through someone else and to share the joy of this journey on earth again. And so the doors to sacred sexuality opened and it has been through the experiences that I have had and continue to explore and expand that my greatest wish is that every man and every woman on earth may enjoy the beauty, the sacredness and the potential of tantric love-making that I have as part of their everyday reality.

And to the festival they like to bring an open heart, an mind and to be of service.
– There is much joy in being able to share my gifts in a fun and playful way that honours the sacredness of our sexuality.

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