Sexuality: Inside a temple of love

The atmosphere is bursting with erotic pleasure.
Hearts and bodies are wide open.
I dwell in a temple of love.

You are totally allowed to feel pleasure, even in this moment, when everybody can see you and tears are streaming. 

Before me is a row of blindfolded men, not knowing who will touch them. They lay there still, in surrender, waiting for the first touch.

For ten minutes I serve a body with touches, starting with light and slightly erotic touch. And then another body. An hour later I have met six blindfolded men, with my intuition and their individual responses. Every meeting creates a different energy. Everything from softness, to vibrating horniness happens, and at a time I feel I am the queen of the world, literally embodying the warrior of love... I am watching, and touching these men, serving them in presence, wordless, with what feels right in the moment. And meeting responses such as moaning’s, tears, cries, body movements, shivers, stillness... and also sensing all that is happening in the room as if we are all the same body, everyone linked to one another, embracing what ever happens. 
And then it’s us women’s turn to surrender, and the orgasmic sounds are now and then reaching crescendo levels. Other moments it’s stillness in the room, a letting go, a soft outbreath, in the moment when one man has left, and the next isn’t jet there.
This is one image of a world I have chosen to be part of; since I know that here I have an opportunity in totality. And being more and more sensitive, where touch can create miracles. I witness the transforming a person from a state of fear and shyness, to someone who literally screams his or her horniness and in that particular moment leaving shame and guilt on the doorstep.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if more people knew about allowing deep pleasure from erotic touch in a loving, heart opening environment, where men can feel - and act – as brothers and women can act as sisters, letting go of some of the comparison and competition, and where anyone can turn to anyone – same sex or not – to be of service with the intention to allow new and deeper truths about themselves, while getting new experiences, new imprints and a higher awareness of the art of love.

In my vision I see a steaming world, where love is in the center, making it possible for people to flow, to access new grounds and to feel how we all are connected on our tiny wonderful planet. And with these kinds of experiences, live in the bigger world outside the temple, serving with love in any possible area or environment. To embrace the sexual energy is, to me, to embracing life it self and recapture personal power to use in life, fulfilling dreams and serving the greater good.

I have invited an openness, playfulness and willingness to explore what was before hidden or unknown to me. And today my life is so rich.

I see an obvious connection between enjoying the pleasures of the flesh and feeling the connection with something so much bigger than myself. I experience the current of the universe, the lava, the flooding’s, inside my body in the meeting with other present bodies. The rumbling energy in the room is a voyage into the absolute, into presence itself, into love, into surrender, and into opens any channel that might be there.

Spending days in a temple of love also gives me all sorts of opportunities to meet my shadows, and se traces of other persons shadow, and learn from all how to handle them. Are the shadows allowed to surface or not? What is the fear of the shadow bringing in? In what moments do I feel shame? In what moments do I have a lingering feeling of jealousy? In what moments am I kidnapped by my primal brain and, for a moment or so, transformed into an animal, trying to safe it’s life fighting, flighting or playing dead? When do I choose to be with the shadows for a while, accepting also their presence and breath through it? And what happens when I am aware of personal boundaries, which serves me? What happens is, actually, a sense of self love, freedom and love.

Sometimes it’s like going in to a trance state, the mind somewhere else, and letting my body be free to touch or massage other bodies, leaning in to that body, letting my movements be guided by my intuition and the responses from the other.

And these sudden shifts in energy; in the room, in a person, or between persons, is fascinating. Horniness, which might transform to compassion, love turned to lust, and sounds – yes the sounds even from others – making my body shiver beyond control.

To surrender to this temple space is both audacious and rewarding. And an opportunity to, in any moment, saying or receiving a yes or a no, expressing longings, do be there to serve and being served, to practice in the moment.

Charlotte Cronquist is a warrior of love.
Love is the answer

PS: And then there is the moment of farewell, when its time to  leave the temple space.
Sitting there in a circle, meeting eyes, being a part of this, having the impression that when I am looking in peoples eyes, what I see, sense and feel is a field of wide open hearts.

This opens and widens my heart even more. It is like I often have the door to my heart ajar, and now it’s like I have a zipper in my torso, and it’s pulled down, and my heart is totally open, fragile, vulnerable... and still beating. Looking around the circle in this space, makes my whole being shiver, and I feel the sensation in other persons, how many of us are in that super open heart space. And I bow down a bit, in tears, and at the same time I have sensations of orgasmic pleasure, as if my body and soul whispers to me: You are totally allowed to feel pleasure, even in this moment, when everybody can see you and the tears are streaming in your eyes.
Leaving the love temple, sitting in a car for hours, while transition from one world to another happened... and then, back home, in sweet caresses and with a lot of playfulness, embodying the love temple once again, knowing that, at least to some extent, I and everyone can be the temple of love... even it it’s easier to raise the energy when being in a group of open, loving hearts, where no wish, no pleasure is shamed.


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