I enter a more creative Universe with Bob Hansson.

I am attending a workshop focused on creative writing and in the middle of everybody’s attention is Swedish author and performance a...

I am attending a workshop focused on creative writing and in the middle of everybody’s attention is Swedish author and performance artist Bob Hansson, since he is the workshop leader.
– These kinds of workshops tend to be so boring, I just watch people write. Let’s shake instead, says Bob Hansson, and every body rises.
We are so happy that Bob Hansson joins The JoyRide Experience to share some of his time with us.

Bob Hansson is creating a universe of his own. It’s a universe into which many are invited. It’s a universe of love, thoughts, poetry, creativity and vulnerability.
And when I have entered I feel that I am allowed to be me, what ever that is in the moment.
Bob Hansson writes poems that sometimes have saved my life. There are often profound in their simplicity, and I walk the streets in Bob’s inner world, and suddenly I feel a smile on my face, and life feels worth living again.

I remember once, many years ago, being in contact with a woman who really worshipped Bob. I don’t think she stalked him, but she want to every show, and my guess, is Bob, standing on stage, being Bob, being vulnerable Bob was so… opening, so heartwarming… that she wanted Bob on repeat.

I see Bob on stage, owning the room, and at the same time looking a bit shy and vulnerable. What I see is a complex person, sometimes a paradox – but maybe this is just projections? Maybe I am just mirroring my self in the man standing on stage, telling stories from his life, sometimes very embarrassing ones. 
And he stands there, shame free it seems, and warming my heart with this straight forwardness, about struggles in life… being a man, being a lover, being confused, being worried… sharing a lot of feelings of emotions and opens up for laughter. 

Meeting Bob as a performance artist is to give space for laughter, for laughing sometimes a bit nervously at my own shadows.

Back in the workshop room, we do kundalini meditation, shaking our thoughts away, making space for something new, and then we sit down and write, words that are surprising and unstoppable, as if we have found a new connection to our inner world.

When you need space for your creativity, or look at your own vulnerability from a little distance. Be sure to attend a workshop with Bob Hansson. He opens up for love and creativity.

Here is an article in Swedish about a kundalini-writing workshop with Bob I attended last summer.

The JoyRide Experience, a five ay adventure with workshop leaders from many countries. Hästveda, Sweden, August 9-14.
“Life filled with love, sex and freedom to be you.”


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