Meet transformational super coach Martin Järnland at The JoyRide Malmö: Love from mind

Last spring I attended a one day workshop with super coach Martin Järnland. And the word that sticks, when thinking about that ...

Last spring I attended a one day workshop with super coach Martin Järnland.
And the word that sticks, when thinking about that day, is presence.
– When you are present, anything is possible, says Martin.
We are so happy to announce that Martin Järnland will join The JoyRide Malmö – love in action with the workshop Love from mind.

Martin Järnland handshake is firm and he looks me straight in the eyes and makes me feel welcome into his universe.

– When I sold my business I wanted to take a new step in life, without any plan of what that could be. After a while I realized that what had given me inspiration and energy in my life was to release human potential.

He found the Super coach Academy in Los Angeles. When I met him for the first time, some three years ago he spoke energetically about all wisdom his studies had given him. He was really excited to share his new world with me.

Last spring we met again, this time Martin was now a transformational super coach, and ready to share his vision with the world. I guess we were 30 people meeting a Sunday to practice presence.

– To understand, or at least, get a glimpse of how the human nature works is mind-blowing. To see how we can double or triple our potential on all areas just by a deeper understanding of the human experience is truly amazing. To share this knowledge and be part of creating meaningful, happy and joyful lives is a mission for me. To see that both being in the flow and in the zone is our true nature gives results on all our areas in life, states Martin.

And since the JoyRide Malmö focuses love Martin says:
­ – In our nature we have the ability to feel and give love, to enjoy every part of life including sex. When we find our natural core, we can easily see that the human nature and design is to feel pleasure, be happy, loving, calm and so on.

One of the key word of Martins teaching and coaching is presence – and what prevents us from being present. When stuck in our thoughts, we loose presence and we tend to feel miserable, one way or another.

– The interesting question is … why do we feel this so often … why do we have to struggle and work on things if we all have the flow and zone natural inside of us?
This is what my workshop is about, to see how we can release and reach our full potential.

When we see that pleasure is our ground-setting and understand the difference of thoughts and thinking we are able to just enjoy the ride.

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