Sexsibility teachers: tantrateacher Sarita

We are so proud to have  Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita as a part of the teaching team in the sexsiblity trainin g. Sarita has work...

We are so proud to have Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita as a part of the teaching team in the sexsiblity training.
Sarita has worked with tantra for 40 years and are one of the most experienced teachers in the field.
And her module in the training is obviously on tantra.
Sarita travels the world teaching tantra, and has written books on tantra.

Sarita has worked extensively in the realm of Holisitc Healing, and discovered that the root cause of most imbalances in people, psychologically, emotionally and physically, stem from imbalances in sex, love and relationship.
– This is why I moved into teaching Tantra as my primary work, which includes sexuality teachings.

Sarita still remember the moment when her path was decided.
–  I met Osho in 1973. During a private meeting with him, he began caressing my skin, in silence. His touch was so profoundly sensitive, that it unleashed a torrent of tears in me. He asked me what was going on, and from the depths of my psyche, I cried in anguish, "I hate my body!" He smiled, and continued his caress, saying, "love the body, love the body, love the body; it is through the body you reach the divine." With these words, my entire being took a 180 degree turn. From moving towards an ephemeral divine located 'out there' I turned towards my own body, and by going within, found the divine located 'in here.' The transmission he offered me, is that of Tantra. Since that life defining moment, I have been on the Tantra path.

And as many other teachers, Sarita doesn’t feel that she chose hur field of work. It choose her.

– Or, I could say, it was my destiny. Memories from past lives have guided a great deal of my work, meaning, I have been working deeply with Tantra in several past incarnations. Through meditation I have remembered my past lives and accessed the wisdom carried from those lives. This coupled with the fact that I have lived 17 years in close physical proximity to Osho, imbibing his essence, being transformed in ways beyond imagining, has propelled me into this work. In my experience, a person begins teaching Tantra, once they have absorbed the teachings on such a deep level, that they begin overflowing. A fountain fills up with water, before it overflows. Experiential methods of learning are of prime importance for someone who wishes to progress on the Tantra path.

Me, Charlotte, has done some work with Sarita. There is a gentleness to it and at the same time I can feel the depth in her teaching. I have felt looking to stand there as she shas overflown me with her wisdom!

Working with sexuality made Sarita a juicy, flowing and celebrative, and she works with a team who are plugged into the same lifestream. 

– We spread the remembrance around the world, that it is possible for human beings to live a bliss filled life. It feels so good to be offering this teaching and to see how easy it is for people to remember their birthright.

What insights would you like to share with the participants?
– You are embarking on a journey you will never regret, a life fulfilling journey. The beauty is, it is not about learning something outside yourself. It is about your true nature in all it's aspects. I am imagining that you will walk out of this course as a rainbow being!

What perspective do you plan to bring into the sexsivilitytraining?
–I will bring in Tantra, and how we can live as integrated beings, in our sexuality, in our love and relationships, in our emotions, senses,  and in our meditative and divine aspects.


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