New sexsibilitycoach training starts March 20th in Sweden.

March 20, we open the doors for the first separate sexsibilitycoach training. As a sexsibilitycoach you are a person who loves to be in...

March 20, we open the doors for the first separate sexsibilitycoach training.
As a sexsibilitycoach you are a person who loves to be in presence with a client who wants to meet his or her true self. The client is a courageous person who wants to feel more alive, who dares to meet her fears, who wants to feel more alive and in contact with her sexual energy. The coach is ready to meet life in the client, and especially connected to relations, sexuality and intimacy.

What if you are free to be you? What if the critical voice in your head, your inner judge, sometimes goes into silence? What if you could look at yourself with love and compassion? What if you have the courage to take a step forward, even in moments when you are scared, when you are ashamed or when you feel guilty?
If you do, you open for a richer life. When you embrace all parts of you - even what feels frightening – you have the opportunity to live your potential.
Many find it difficult to open up to the possibilities of life, many have challenges related to sexuality , intimacy and relationships.

"I want to have good sex , but I'm to ashamed to talk about it . "
"I'm so afraid of being rejected . "
"I have such bad experiences of sex and relationships that I've chosen to be single for long, but now I feel a yearning ... though I still may not dare ... "
"I've never had an orgasm, what 's stopping me from having one? "
"I feel misunderstood by everyone. "
" Everyone thinks I 'm really cool , but in fact, I don’t have the courage to show my vulnerability . "
"I 've been unfaithful and thinking about how I'll handle it. "
"I'm afraid that my life is destroyed if I divorce . "
"I think my body is disgusting . "
"I porn surf every night and have trouble getting along with my partner. "
There are examples of questions that a sexsibilitycoach can face.
People come for  a session with a sexsibility coach for different reasons.
Our starting point in a session is to create presence, that the client is aware of here and now and focusing on what feel in this moment. Our understanding is also that the client has the answers within.

Starting March 20th, you can join the sexsibilitycoach training, to get a range of tools
that enables you to meet the client where she is with her issues and challenges.
The training includes both traditional coaching tools, and practices that are particularly suitable for those who want to work with the body. You will try a variety of exercises, which may inspire your own coaching practice.

Most people who do a coach training don’t go professional. They keep their insights to themselves, not spreading it to the world. To enable to our participants to really go professional and work in the field, we have engaged super coach Rasmus Carlsson who will bring in that perspective.

You feel presence in your body, while consciously breathing and touch. That’s the reason why we have included breathing sessions in the training, led by Sofia Sjöblom, who works with rebirthing and as a sexsibility coach.
Lorenzo Stiernquist , the man who created the concept sexsibility , will also contribute his perspectives , which largely is about being present with what is - whatever it is - and face it in the moment.

Alexander and I will bring s our collective life experience into the training - apart from being sexsibilitycoaches we are bodyworkers and have a broad international experience of working with body, energy , essence and sexuality.

Who are you, a future sexsibilitycoach?

  • You have solid experience of working with yourself in general and sexuality in particular.
  • Your background may be sexsibility training, ISTA-trainings, or other similar work.
  • You may have been trained body therapist, rebirthers, done groups with teachers like Johan Ekenberg, Calle and Jennie Rehbinder, Ruby May, Sarita, Martin and Diana, Pia Struck, Barbara Carrellas (to mention a few).

Before admission to the training , we will interview you to ensure that you have the skills and the inner maturity needed to be able to participate.

The training will take place at a beautiful venue outside Katrineholm. The food is vegetarian and you will be accommodated in a double room.

Persons who have done the sexsibility training get an early bird price - 25 000 SEK for the entire training , a price that is valid until 15 January 2014.
(Normal price for the whole training is 31250 SEK for “sexisiblitypeople” and 37,500 SEK for others.  All receive a 25% discount until 15 January 2014.  All prices include Swedish VAT.)

Warmly welcome to look the website about the training (in Swedish). 

And please make contact thru Facebook (add Alexander Rudenstam or Charlotte Ruden
stam) or e-mail  (info @ with your questions and thoughts.


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