Join The JoyRide Experience ... and celebrate life!

Baba Dez Nichols and Alexander Rudenstam. The JoyRide Experience is our way to celebrate life. Do you like to feel like your vib...

Baba Dez Nichols and Alexander Rudenstam.

The JoyRide Experience is our way to celebrate life.
Do you like to feel like your vibrating of life?
Do you want to feel totally in the presence, meeting life as it is?
Do you want to stretch out your arms to reach out for more life, more love and more freedom?
Then, join us! Come to Sweden August 9-14th to be part of a great experience, which you, buy your presence, will be part of creating.

You are creating your life. It’s you who opens the possibilities for life to happen through you. And you can choose to live this adventure from fear or from love… or with a mixture of both, where we hope that love will be the final winner.

We create this amazing gathering for people from all over the globe to be themselves… a little bit more. Where can love take you? Where can freedom take you? Where can life take you? In what direction may your sexual energy guide you?

We are so happy to announce the first ever The JoyRide Experience. And now it’s time to book your participation, since we are in the extra early bird-mood at the moment. You will never get this experience at a lower price than now!

So what are you going to meet five summerdays and nights in a place near the wood, near a little lake and surrounded by other people who are drawn to this?

You are going to meet fellow travelers on the path of love. 
You will meet teachers from many countries, contributing with their skills and their love. You will meet volunteers who are there to make this adventure possible. 
And maybe you will meet new facets of your self?

The last two years Alexander and I have organized the Sexsibilityfestival, and you who have been with us before will recognize yourself. It’s the same air of really enjoying life, of giving space to sexual energy, of taking one step further and be a little (or much) more courageous than at home, in your ordinary life.

Some of the teachers will come to Sweden for the first time ever, and since the program isn’t fixed yet, we guess there will be a few more teachers joining.

You will meet teachers in the fields of sexuality, sensuality, dance, breathwork, meditation, performance… and more. Our perspective is the sexual human being. To us life force energy is closely connected to sexual energy.

This blog is mostly written in Swedish – but I will write posts in English when it comes to The JoyRide Experience – since we know already of participants from different countries.
Look at the webpage to get inspired.

Here are some of the teachers you will have to possibility to meet:

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