Ingrid Frideborgsdotter is creating firewaves and stillness.

She stands there, steady like a rock, smiling. At the same time she looks softer than most in her white dress. She asks us all to have ...

She stands there, steady like a rock, smiling. At the same time she looks softer than most in her white dress. She asks us all to have space around us and to watch her.
As usual she starts her workshop with qigong. I can feel how stressed bodys around me are transforming. And the calm is spreading in the room.

And then we are ready to du any workshop with Ingrid Frideborgsdotter, a wonderful human being, seeing the gods and goddesses with in us, and helping us to liberate those aspects of us, with different techniques.

At the JoyRide Experience you will meet Ingrid in workshops, creating firewaves, opening up the sexual energy ... and doing qigong in the stillness in the morning.

I have known Ingrid Frideborgsdotter for years. One day I meet another person, it's as she has transformed to someone I don'r recognize.
She stands aside her motorbike, takes of the helmet and shake out her snow white hair. She twinkles with her black eye lashes and smiles.
And I can see that the feminine, the goddess, in Ingrid has really entered her. She mets me in her feminine energy and that's powerful.

I have witnessed her transformation from a distance. When I first met her she was kind of square, dressed in worn out clothes, and now she is an amazon. I am so grateful.

From my perspective, one reason for the transformation is that Ingrid today loves her body, that she lives in her body, that she allows presence and sexual energy to live there ... and to flow.

The last few years she has done a number of trainings in the fields of tao and tantra, she has learned how to give massage, tantric massage and other techniques which supports the flow within people, and helps them get in contact with their sexual energy.

If you are looking for a life with more orgasmic energy, I suggest a meeting with Ingrid Frideborgsdotter. And at the JoyRide Experience you will have several opportunities to do that.

Here you can buy your ticket to The JoyRide Experience. Extra early bird price until April 3rd. Buy your ticket here.

I am a part of #blogg100. This is day 28.


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  1. Tack fina Underbaring... Vackert skrivet... <3

  2. charlotterudenstam2 april 2014 18:11

    Love, sister <3



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