Meet Onamare Heart ecstatic fire dancer

I see her in the Berlin night, bursting out fire thru the mouth, as if she was a dragon. Later on I see her play, her body move, as ...

I see her in the Berlin night, bursting out fire thru the mouth, as if she was a dragon.
Later on I see her play, her body move, as if there are no bones in her body, as if it is totally fluid.
When she moves there is a slight sound from all her jewelery and I tend to stay at a certain distance, feeling that she is amazing and I am a grey mouse, resting in the shadows. I feel shy in front of her flamboyant looks.
Then I move forwards, I look her in the eyes, and ask for a hug.
And then there is a moment of embrace, where I meet Onamare Heart, and she transforms in to a human being, just as I am.

The first time I saw Onamare Heart she scared me to death. I saw a woman who dared to be looked at, a person that seemed to live her life fully. One of those 100% persons.
And when I first meet them, my reaction is to withdraw, I start to compare myself to this glowing person. And I have the idea that I would never ever be of any interest to this person.

But if I just watch my own inner theatre, there is this change from sur-real to real person, and, if I wait long enough, I am able to step forward, as I finally did at the ISTA-conference in Berlin last October.

And now this amazing creature is joining The JoyRide Experience. A woman who knows how to play with fire, and to move her body. A woman born in the US, and, always on the move, at times living in Europe.

From a distance I see Alexander in the midst of a deep conversation with Onamare, and I know they have some mutual passions, like the sacredness of the yoni. And I stand aside, just being aware of my shyness, and his ability to network.

Anyhow. We are so happy to Welcome Onamare Heart to The JoyRide Experience, and that you will have the possibility to meet her and her art.

About herself on her webpage:
“Onamare feeds her passion for art through a multifaceted array of talent,  passion, and grace.  Her desire is to inspire with movement and artistic freedom.  She has dedicated the past ten years to study the circus arts (aerial and fire artistry, hand-balancing, acro-balance, and improvisation story-telling) that feeds her passion for life.  

Onamare engages in holistic, integrative body therapy and experimental movement education, harmonizing the mind/body/spirit connection. Her love of movements as a child drew her to jazz and modern dance classes in high school. Her academic studies, which focused on nutrition, humanities, and ecological health, body medicine revealed to her the relationship between human behavior, health and happiness.

Moved to help people find balance within, Onamare decided to study Thai Massage and integrated mind-body therapies as tools to help guide the body in releasing tension, blocked emotions, inhibitions, and negative thinking. She saw that there was a way to free the body and spirit of pain and self-doubt. Throughout her studies, Onamare continued to explore her own body through dedicated studies with the circus arts, martial arts, performance art, yoga, movement therapies, and ecstatic dancing.  Plus seven years of bodywork therapy has all taught her how inside is how the body flows.

Onamare’s body work teaches led her to the realization that movement is not just external, it is borne from within. The word "FLOW" came to embody a connection of the inner and the outer realities which are stored, or locked inside the body memory. Flow begins within, and through the cooperation of mind and breath, movement connects the body and spirit. “

I am a part of #blogg100. This is day 35.


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