The JoyRide Experience: Meet Baba Dez Nichols We are love!

) – We are love and since I was eleven years old I have chosen a life that makes me happy. I meet the eyes of a man who is kind of a l...


– We are love and since I was eleven years old I have chosen a life that makes me happy.
I meet the eyes of a man who is kind of a legend.
He speaks from his heart, he talks about love, sexuality and peace on earth.
And this American makes some people tremble with anger, and others just love him and his message.
His name is Baba Dez Nichols, and he will be one of the teachers joining The JoyRide Experience this summer.

When I tell people that Alexander and I went to Guatemala to do a training about spiritual shamanic sexuality people sometimes looks at me with wonder in their eyes.
And when I name Baba Dez as one of the teachers, some of them know about him, and have an opinion about him and his work.

Sometimes it fascinates me that a person who works with sacred sexuality create so much controversy. Sexuality is fundamental, everybody is a fruit of a sexual encounter, and still… we shouldn’t talk about that… and the wounds around sexuality starts cracking open and peoples fears are thrown at people like Baba Dez who has devoted part of his life to play with different kinds of sexual healing.

I use the word play, because in the setting were Baba Dez is one of the leading person, International School of Temple arts (ISTA), they try to avoid expressions like “inner work” or “workshop” or “I work on my self”. It’s like the world indicates that this is something heavy, burdensome… when living could be fun and filled with time to play and enjoy.
I didn’t have many ideas about Baba Dez, since we hadn’t shared worlds – even though, when I look into his history, ore worlds have touched at some points, like both having experience of the world of Osho. So when people came with all ideas about him “I don’t like his moral standards”, “He’s a hero” I felt kind of neutral – and curious.

So instead of listening to gossip or google him, after a brief meeting at and ISTA conference in Berlin in October, Alexander and I went to Guatemala to participate in the ISTA Training Level 1.
And now Baba Dez will be part of the JoyRide Experience – which I am so happy for.
It’s interesting to meet a person who really want to heal deep wounds in people and who dares to address the important role sexuality plays.
At the training I made en interview with him, and now you can listen to a little part of it in this clip.
Welcome to Sweden Baba Dez.

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