Cornelia Södergren welcomes the feminine energy at The JoyRide Experience.

I  just met  Cornelia Södergren , a sunny spring day in Stockholm. She felt, to me, like a light bringer. And when I read her words...

I just met Cornelia Södergren, a sunny spring day in Stockholm.
She felt, to me, like a light bringer.
And when I read her words, she fills my heart with her light and her love of life.
It's like I can feel her vibration inside my. And I am touched.
And now this magical woman is part of The JoyRide Experience, bringing in her love, her expertice, her wisdom and magic. Read her words and let yourself be touched.
I am looking forward to meet her again at The JoyRide Experience, August 9-14 in Hästveda, Sweden.

"Love, life, lust, joy and divine space of togetherness and sacred sexuality is what my life is about. And Mother Nature, with all her changes all the time, all her creativity, all beauty, everything that is growing, living, dying, flowing. The waves of the ocean, water to watch, smell, touch, dive into, become one with. 

This is what my passion is about, everything in life, to be present whatever is coming up, facing it, dancing in the music that appears in it all whether it is named good or bad, light or dark, easy or hard, dancing into acceptance of life as it is, from resistance to soft melting into just living life as a great love affair. 

Even if it is simple, it is never easy for none of us to walk this path on our own or even in couples or communities, but the key is to first see the resistance and then experience it to be able to live a full life. This is what I bring into the world. 

Being a guide for people to find the longing in their heart, this little hidden spark and turn it into a burning flame, living life more passionate, in a more honest intimate loving relationship with themselves and others. And when I see this happening in people I meet my little spark also gets more fire and my life seems more inspiring.

Writing is and has always been my joy and passion. It is more a call, unstoppable, love wanting to find its way out into the word trough words.  In my books I write mostly about love, sex and relationships, about having more realistic relationships, free from projections and illusions. This is also what I bring into my workshops and private sessions. 

One day, about twentyfive years ago, I was sitting in the forest on a rock, with the sun coming in between the trees, touching my skin. It was very silent and I closed my eyes and I suddenly felt how my cheeks became wet from tears pouring out of my eyes. My heart was burning, aching and asking me to listen and I saw that I had spent so much time in my life not being totally authentic. 

In some way, even if I had a very successful life in every possible aspect, I didn't really know who I was. In that moment something shifted and I started to do whatever I could to first be more true to myself and also to help others to be more natural, living from their hearts. So also when it comes to the most intimate relationships, living and loving in a tantric way.

The sexual energy has always been strong with me. It is the life force, the energy that we all come from as human beings. It is creativity and love at the same time and when it is blocked life stops flowing in other areas as well. 

I work with opening up connections between the heart and the intimate parts, being more present in the body, being more honest to what we need and long for, being more in communication with each other and the space between us. 

To me sexuality is an opening to something much deeper, my connections both to the Earth and to the divine and when I help people who have had traumas in this area I can se how much more pleasure become available in both their lovelife as in the rest of their lives.

I can bring workshops in relationship constellations about life, love, lust and sexuality.
Drumjourneys and guided meditations for healing sexual traumas.
The true sexuality, what is that for me and how can I set healthy borders."

Until May 15th we are in Early Bird mode, giving you a 500 SEK reduction on the ticket. So join The JoyRide. Buy your ticket here.

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