The JoyRide Experience proudly presents Kicki Nordström: Liberating dance in mindfulness

At The JoyRide Experience we will have a trail consisting of dance, liberating dance and one of the wonderful teachers you will meet is...

At The JoyRide Experience we will have a trail consisting of dance, liberating dance and one of the wonderful teachers you will meet is Kicki Nordström.
In this blogpost you will meet some of her energy. Enjoy!

Welcome to The JoyRide Experience, five days of love, sex and freedom to be you. Hästveda, Skåne, Sweden August 9-14.

"I am a simple person who likes simplicity, honesty and transparency in relations with other people. I know that I don't know about things but I love to ask questions and to find out who you are without your social mask on your beautiful face. I think this is my passion. I really get high on honest talks and meetings with other people.

A friend of mine saw my CV and said very honestly:” Your CV is longer than a toilet paper role” and yes it is. I have spent many hours on education in different ways. I guess I've done it to build my self confidence to a higher level but mostly because it has been so much fun to learn more about mankind body, soul and spirit. That's what drives me, makes me go on and to help my curiosity and creativity to stay alive.

My educated level is Physiotherapist and Cognitive Behavior Therapist step 1. I still love it after almost 30 years in practice. Right now I am partly working on a qualitative study of patients with chronic pain and their experience of liberating dance in mindfulness. It's a lovely work to do trying to get the method liberating dance into the common health care space.

I believe in east and west medicine working side by side, making love to each other. That's the future to come and I want to be a part of it.

Making love! Yes! It gave me two beautiful, now grown up children! The best education in the world for me. 

I am divorced from the father of our children since 1996. I know the pain of separation and I am now devoted into helping people to be able to stay together in a healthy way.

To be able to stay together I believe sex is one of the most important parts of a relationship: Tantric sex, to have sex in a more sophisticated way, not just to come as quick as possible. There is so much to learn about sex and the creative energy of sex that has been forgotten. All kinds of orgasms for both women and men. At least seven….

Liberating dance has been used since forever to come into ecstasy and to feel your sexual creative energy. 
To go deep and to get to know your body and your personal sexual trigger spots in your body. 
To know your own sexuality before you meet another person. 
To know what you love and to know your limits. 
Women have such an idea of being there for her man, to be narrow enough and so on, completely forgetting her own needs. 
Men have so much pressure on them to be strong, powerful and always ready with a “hard-on”. 
So much pressure and prestige when it´s all about relaxing, enjoying and to have fun playing with each other.

This is what I want to bring into the Joy-Ride Experience… sexual, creative energy in liberating dance. 
To get to know yourself as a sexual being in a relaxed mode with a lot of joy and happiness without a reason!"

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