Transformational dance with Guy Barrington. From sadness to flow in two hours. I want more.

I come into the room with a bleeding eye, exhausted and filled with sadness. Three hours later I feel revitalized, filled with energy, lo...

I come into the room with a bleeding eye, exhausted and filled with sadness.

Three hours later I feel revitalized, filled with energy, loving and presence.

In the meantime I had my first biodanza experience. We were 25 persons showing love in action this evening.

Thank you Guy Barrington for bringing this elixir to Malmö.

I enter the room with streams of hesitation in my body. I was about to cancel, but somewhere within me there was this irresistible yes. I see the floor crowded of dancing people, and many of them persons I know and love.

I took a turn thru the space, giving a receiving these magical three breath hugs, and started to feel more alive.

I had actually no idea of what biodanza really was. In my imagnination I was supposed to dance into exhaustion fore some hours, and then feel happy – and wiped out afterwards.

My imagination misguided me severely.

I entered a space that I immediately fell in love with, a space I recognize, a space where I feel at home. A space of love in action.

Guy Barringtons sweet voice, explaining the ideas behind biodanza, the idea of letting the body speak, the idea of us being a tree grounded deeply in the earth and having at least five branches to use to live in totality. Through the flow of body movement we can come in contact with our vitality, sexuality, affectivity, creativity and transcendence.

I could see myself in this room, filled with friends, filled with love, how I slowly let my self, how I slowly let my body, my heart, my movements, dive in to the present moment, going from shyness, sadness, tiredness and exhaustion, into flow, abundance, and the joy of what is.

We did a set of simple, yet, powerful exercises, where I, through dance and movement could, be in contact with a feeling of belonging, gratitude, a freedom to express my self, a freedom to be me, and be seen as me, and mirroring others being in their true selves.

To me this was a magical night.

So what is then biodanza?

Biodanza was created/received by Rolando Toro back in the 1960's with the desire to transform humanity back to our original state as Love, to Be the dance of Love in action as our lives expressed.

Biodanza now exists all over the world inviting people back into their bodies, their feelings, their health and well Being, their creativity, pleasure and contact. It is a simple guided process of dance movement expression which brings you into an enriching contact with yourself, others, and the wider Human community accompanied by music from all over the world.

“Biodanza invites us to dance our Hearts out into the open, so our inner Presence is revealed. As we live, move and create from this space of natural authenticity and Love so our world is transformed.
Biodanza allows us to come into contact with our own joy and playfulness, opening into intimacy, to drop the masks, the pretense, the game play, so creating space for our naturalness, authenticity and innocence to emerge. Through our movement we get to relax in our Being and connect from Presence...
As we begin to dance from Here, to move from Now, so we experience the full sunshine of who we are. This radiance spreads out and ignites the Life of others, it moves beyond us and includes those around us. Love is the unstoppable Force that circulates and expands as it is expressed.”

And who is then Guy Barrington? This is an answer from Guy himself:

I have a background and enthusiasm for Biodanza, Colibri Heart Shamanic Work, Sacred Sexuality, Meditation, Sufism, Tai Chi, Conflict Resolution and Peace Building and Conscious Parenting...

I am committed to The Sacred Path of Relating, conscious communication and authentic expression, natural living and the joyful honest celebration of loving. I Love to work with the power of Dance, Ritual, Mythology, Meditative states of Awareness, spontaneous Artistic expression, Heart sharing... I teach/remind by listening in deep with Love and feeling the present flow with the group, moving intuitively, guyding the unfolding process accordingly.

PS: Looking forward for next biodanza in Malmö. <3


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