Vem är den som ställer frågan? Vem är den som skrattar? Who. It’s a simple word. It sounds like a moan, like the wind, grasping for air,...

 Vem är den som ställer frågan? Vem är den som skrattar?


It’s a simple word. It sounds like a moan, like the wind, grasping for air, flowing into the treetops. Who. Like big men making noises before the great match. They sound like that. Who, they say. Who indeed. Who am I, and who is the person who is asking me that question?
Am I more than I can see?

When I’m alone I think of how I act with other people. That I dislike the way I do things. The way I hate my laugh because it feels so fake. Then who is laughing? If I don’t want to laugh, what keeps me going? Who am I to question my own behavior?

I lay awake until late. I lay in my bed and I just… feel. I can feel my blood moving in my veins. I can feel every cell in my body, changing places for a purpose. Why? Inside my body there are thousands of microscopically small cells. They know exactly what to do, without me thinking for them. My mind isn’t a part of their work. My actions are, but not my insides. To be healthy I guess I need to listen to my body. But what controls that part? Why can’t I understand how my body works when I’m obviously a part of it all?

The brain sends out signals of pain and of joy. But is it real? What is love? What is my mind? Where is my mind? Who is my mind? Can I control anything? Or everything? Am I a part of the world just like the cells in my body is a part of me? We need them all, our cells, to survive just like the earth is dependent on us. Just like earth is a small part of space our cells are only small pieces in the big puzzle which creates the human being. Just as space is only a part of something greater. Perhaps just a part of us. It all just might come together in the end. Because we don’t know anything, nothing at all.

To understand something else, or someone else I think we have to look inside of ourselves. To understand space we need to look inside, look at the smallest piece to understand what it all was made of. Because if we look inside we will realize that history is repeating itself. We will understand that we are only a part of something bigger.

We are it all. But who am I?
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Vem trodde du hade skrivit detta? En stor tänkare? En insiktsfull person? Du har alldeles rätt.
Personen är min yngsta dotter Stella.
Vilka underbara lärare jag omges av! Känner djup tacksamhet.

Och här kommer ett lite tips till Stella från den indiske gurun Osho:
Just let me teach you a small meditation:
Do whatever you do, but be an observer of it. Be a witness who is aware of all that is happening around and inside you, that’s all. I am not telling you to stop stealing. Do whatever you like, but do it with awareness, be a witness."


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