The love seed, let it grow. Have trust.

I just planted a seed. I called it Homo Amorus . For my inner eye I see a tribe, a tribe carried by love, compassion, relations and susta...

I just planted a seed.
I called it Homo Amorus.
For my inner eye I see a tribe, a tribe carried by love, compassion, relations and sustainability.
And I am so curious about what will grow out of that seed.

My world is growing rapidly. My inner world is growing with a speed that can make me feel dizzy at times. It’s like I get a bigger and bigger inner space, my inner cathedral is expanding, and I get more easy in contact with my higher self (that is what I guess Barbara Marx Hubbard would call it.)

And I get messages from my higher self. And I surrender to those messages. Even if my mind doesn’t get the meaning with the messages. And I can sit and look in amazement at what my higher self tells me to do.

Like sowing the seed Homo Amorus.

This autumn I got a seed to a book, and an invitation to write, or to be more blunt, I was asked firmly to write. And I started writing, not knowing what it really was. I knew it was a book. But what book? (If you read Swedish, here is a link to 100% Charlotte.)

And in meditations I hear a voice telling me: 

Spread words of love, 
spread words of love. 
You are love, you are passion, 
you are here to seed words of love.

Sometimes this bothers me. 

My mind says: But Charlotte, ask WHY. Don’t just do. Demand answers.

But I don’t. 

I choose to surrender. 
It’s like something bigger than me lead my way, and I choose curiosity instead of fear. 
It feels like I am on a big playing field, where everyting is allowed. 
There is nothing to fear. Really.

Yesterday I made kind of a meditation, taking contact with my body, looking for a door inside me. I met a black space, a black satin space, a smooth space, a still place, an unlimited space, and I felt free in the darkness. No fear.

And I found a door in the floor, leading down to a cave, filled with golden coins and a green dragon. And I knew immediately that this huge green dragon was my friend. And it felt powerful. Being friends with someone so many fears. And I was told that I, together wtih the dragon, can transform cold coins to love, that my currency is love.

So I took a ride with the dragon. It was night. And then I knew that we were flying inside peoples heart, spreading love from within, like a trojan horse. It was an amazing feeling, it was like infecting them with love, from within, and that they, in a while while be aware of the change.

There is a lot of work to do for me and my dragon. 

To infect with love, and to lessen fear and indifference.

And I was told: 

“Surrender, trust, do your work, you are in good hands, and you can see what you need in the dark.”

And I feel that I have made a long journey. 

I have met amazing people, who have, often not deliberately, pushed me towards Homo Amorus, love, sustainability, compassion and relations. 
When I lokk back at my trail, it makes sense. 
And I am so grateful for having met people like Barbara Marx Hubbard
who inspired me to become an Ace for conscious evolution
Terry Patten, who inspired me to do integral spirutual training... 
and lots of people in Sweden and Denmark, inspiring me to dare to be me. 
With all my passion
With all my love. 
Even recognizing my inner Goddess.

And today, I surrender to the beautiful day... leave the computer and just love what is.

Love and light


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