The blue planet. A call for love and awareness.

I look at a blue planet. Our planet. Mother Earth. Tellus. It looks so peaceful, viewed from the universe. When I listen to the n...

I look at a blue planet.
Our planet.
Mother Earth. Tellus.
It looks so peaceful, viewed from the universe.
When I listen to the news which describes a completely different world. A world of war, crisis and criticism.

I am at peace when I look at Mother Earth from a distance. How beautiful she is, our blue planet. And when I'm outdoors or watching nature programs om tv which show places I visited, I am amazed by her beauty.
I'm fascinated by everything that grows on our planet, all forms, all ocean, nature in totality, all living creatures.
And so I zoom the image of Mother Earth. I get in contact with the world we have created. Homo Sapiens.  
And then my inner peace often disappears.
From a distance, I see no boundaries.
It is so obvious that everything is connected, that we are interdependent, on our small planet in the infinite universe.
But the closer I get, the clearer I see the visible and invisible borders that humanity has built.
To me it’s difficult to understand, why we opt peace, love, and sustainability out.
To me it’s difficult to understand why we fight each other, why we poison  and exploit each other and Mother Earth.

How can the media be filled with all these conflicts?
Why do we choose to highlight conflict and threats
instead of highlighting the solutions?
Instead of highlighting peace, cooperation, love, new sustatinable inventions?

Why is people, like me, who talks about how everthing is interconnected, how dependent we are on each otuer and Mother Earth. People who wish to contribute to free energy, less overexploitation, more and smarter solutions, to the long term future for humanity, often are seen as odd, dangerous, out of our minds, ufos, unrealistic?

I don’t get it.
Why aren’t media full of news showing possibilities, showing how we can act, how we can do our share of the work, how we can take our responsibility?
Why is it difficult to find and discuss the tools we need to survive?
I listen to evolutionaries who see  opportunities.
Who really love our blue planet - and humankind.
Evolutionaries, thinkers, activist, scientists who knows the need to act now. It’s time to take stands, to make choices.
The over-exploitation of resources and people need to stop.
Or do we want humanity to be a very brief parenthesis?
I don’t.
The blue planet, Mother Earth has a long future - du we want to pe a part of that future?

Let's tear down borders,
let's stop fighting;
let us take care of Mother Earth,
let's all do our little peace to help.
And let's start now.
What can you personally do?

It is good to become more conscious, more aware.
It is helpful to meditate on love, to spread love and compassion.
But  it takes more than that.
We need a society where we can effectively use the resources of  Mother Earth
and find technical and other solutions that are sustainable. Really durable.
When I  watch our blue planet, I feel optimistic.
When I watch the news, I feel small and scared.

Thats one of the reason i created Homo Amorus
- a nwe tribe, for a humankind which really wants to survive,
and who knows that we are interconnected.

Love and light

PS: That's why I joined Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Shift Network in ACE-training
and Terry Patten in ISP-training.
Just some examples of my dedication.


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