100%-podden ENGLISH SPECIAL: Meet Steven James or Das Falke

Meet Steven James (Das Falke) who is an Australian born shibari rope artist based in Berlin, Germany.

I first met Steven in December 2014, at a very vulnerable time in my life. And I surrendered to his ropes, having no experience of ropes, and doing it as a service to a festival I was arranging. What if felt like amazed me. It was like swimming in a pool of presence, and feeling total trust in Stevens tying.

When visiting Berlin this summer I went to see him again, wanting to know more about his passion for rope, presence love, and what drives a person to choose to go professional into this japanes artwork.

Steven is not just passionate about the ropes, he also love to that artistic photographs are shot while he's working. You can see some of them here, with some of his favorite rope models.

Here is a quote I found on Das Falkes tumblr page:

Speak to me about life, death, ego, sex, magic, and what gives your life meaning.
Tell me about faraway lands, music that causes you to dance, memories that can make you cry, and the ones that cause you to smile. I want to know the lies you told, and the ones you wish you told.
Reveal to me your flaws, your favourite scent, your childhood, the lover that vanished.
Tell me what keeps you awake at night, your insecurities and your fears.
I can love people with depth, who speak emotionally from a twisted mind and an open heart…
I don’t want to know ‘what’s up’

Model: Lamia Rnr. Photography: Nutello: Location: Berlin.

Featured Rope Partner: Vanessa Ropes & Editing: Steven James (DasFalke) Photography: Nutlello: Location: Berlin.

Featured Rope Partner : Virginia Clemm. Shibari: Steven James (DasFalke) Photography: Pierre Joel. Location: Berlin.

Here you can listen to the podcast. If that doesn´t work try here.  You can also subscribe to the podcast. Search for "100%-podden" in your podcastapp. Most episodes in Swedish, and now and then a SPECIAL in English.


Do you want to learn more about Steven James or meet him? Here are some possibilities.

Next workshops are:

Berlin (19-20 Sept)
Ireland: Dublin & Cork(24-26th Oct)
Send an email for more information:

Main Website:

DasFalke ~ Shibari

Sacred Rope Berlin

Sacred Rope Berlin and Steven James are available for Workshops, Evenings and Private Tuition in all areas. Venues, spaces, groups and local organisers are asked to contact Steven for further information via :

If you want to join a world where you are invited to express yourself in totality, be one of the subscribers of 100%-podden. You can make the subscription in your smart phone app - just search for 100%-podden.

Here is another episode in English. Meet passionate tantra lover Andrew Barnes.

If you know of any persons you consider to be a person to meet with in the 100%-podden concept, please tell me.

Love and light



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