100%-podden SPECIAL meet tantraqueen Laurie Handlers

I met sex and happiness coach Laurie Sandlers for the first time last summer, when we spent a week together at the ISTA (International School of temple arts) core gathering. I met a really vibrant fellow traveler, working with tantra for many years.

To talk with Laurie is intense, and to me it's a picture of her as a being. Intense, exquisite, varm, heartful, exciting, deep, wise, funny, playful and ready to live life to it's potential, for eternity and including a lot's of pleasure, sensuality and sexuality in it.

The political environment forced her to change track in life - and am I grateful for that. Without George W Bush, the world would probably have one less tantra queen.

Laurie Handlers sees your pontential to go from being a caterpillar, or a chrysalis, to transform into being a butterfly - that's one of the reasons why she calls her business Butterfly workshops

Take a stroll at her homepage to get more aquainted to her, to tantra and to the spiritual and shamanic dimensions of life.

This is the first time 100%-podden is made thru Skype - and it's great to have this opportunity when there is an ocean in between.

If it does't work to listen in your browser, you can try here. Or, even better, subscribe to the podcast. You can do that here. 

This is a #100procentpodden SPECIAL in English. Most of the episodes are in Swedish, since that is my mother tongue, and since I live in Sweden.

I hope you enjoy the space I create and here are links to some of the other episodes in English. Feel free to tell the world about 100%-podden.

Charlotte Cronquist is a Swedish writer, blogger, coach deeply fascinated by the mystery and magic of life, of sexuality, spirituality and relationshops. She calls herself a warrior of love and her heart tells her that love is the answer. On this blog there are several posts in English.


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