Meet 100% Charlotte - when you want to meet your potential

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Getting naked. Fucking fear. Going for the core. Being total. Spreading your vibe.
When you need boldness, when you desire love and sex. When you want to feel your potential. When you are ready to step in to being you. 100%.
When you are willing to leave your comfort zone and experience what freedom feels like. 
When you stop kidding your self and see that you are the creator of your life. And when you want to do that with and open heart, listening to your inner desires.
It's in that moment you give Charlotte Cronquist a call.
She is a Swedish author, podcaster, blogger, journalist and coach. And she knows how it is to say a total yes - and allow herself to embrace all from shame to sexual desire. She is 100% Charlotte.
Break the shield between your fears and desires. See a free world. Be part of it.  Enjoy it. Harvest from it.
Be you. In totality. Make love happen. 

At the moment her website is in Swedish - use google translate to get the essence of it.

When do you need Charlotte?
When life doesn't work.

What do you get from meeting Charlotte - in coaching, in a webb course or in a group?

You will get access to your horniness.
You will feel more attractive and attract others.
You will love your body.
You will understand more about what mechanisms rules your life - and relearn.
You will feel more vibrantly alive.
You will listen inside and know when to say yes and now.
You will have tools which helps you to do with relational issues.
You will start feeling comfortable being comfortable.

Charlotte is a well of wisdom with experience from living thru two marriages, raising three children, being a body therapist, love coach, and much more. 
How  would your life be if you met it in total presence, allowing what is... and really, really saying yes to your core sexual desires?

Meet Charlotte in her podcast - with several episodes in English on different aspect of consciousness and sexuality. 

Here you meet Andrew Barnes in an interview with Charlotte where he explains one way of getting in touch with your potential.

Charlotte Cronquist is a warrior of love

Love is the answer


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Charlotte Cronquist

Charlotte Cronquist
Bloggen för dig som vill få ut det mesta av livet. Författaren och coachen Charlotte Cronquist lär dig hur du får bättre relationer och hur du kan älska livet mer. Blogposts in English available.





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