Being you is enough

In this mornings meditation I hear, repeatedly: Being you is enough. It takes a while to let the words sink in. Being me is enoug...

In this mornings meditation I hear, repeatedly: Being you is enough.
It takes a while to let the words sink in.
Being me is enough.
I don’t need to do anything to prove my value, to prove my right to exist.
And I sigh and when letting out the air of my lungs I feel relaxed.
I really love the simplicity of it. Breathing out and relaxing.

I have practiced meditation your years, but still, I sometimes feel exhausted. There are so many things I like to accomplish, and at the moment I try to come to terms with the fact that it’s impossible.
I need to choose where to put my energy. I need to embrace the fact that I’m not invincible. And it’s hard. There are so many things that I want to do, because they feel fun, important, necessary, and crucial. Inside me there is a voice that tells me that I alone should save the world.
And I know that my inner judge is harsh. It seems that however much I do he isn’t satisfied. Charlotte, try harder. Sometimes he whispers, sometimes he yells in my ears.

And now my brain has hit a soft spot. My brain tells me to choose. My brain and my body tells me to please realize that I am not invincible and please choose to do some of the good stuff I like to do, not all of them, all the time.

So there I sit in meditation this morning. And the reminder is served even there. It’s enough being you, says Deepak Chopra. And some parts of me know it’s true (not my inner judge though).

Except taking care of me and my body, what seems most important at the moment?
The inner message is clear: I need to focus The JoyRide Experience.

Inner voice, I hear you, I relax and breathe, and take one simple step at the time, remembering that being me is enough. And the rest will follow.

Is there something you need to sacrifice to give space to being you? Could you do that with an open heart? I will try… and being 100% Charlotte, I may, now and then, embrace the feeling of failure.

Enjoy this amazing spring. I do. Nature is beautiful. A promise of renewal.

Love Charlotte

I am a part of #blogg100. This is day 61.


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