Let's create som peace. Love is the answer.

The first thing I read this morning, still in bed is this Facebook post: 
Beloved PARIS -remember what you are. You are the City of Light. And light will win over darkness.
In that moment I don't know what she is talking about, but the feeling in my chest says something devastating has happened.
Seconds later I knew what happened and my whole being wanted to pray and meditate on love. How we together can create love.

Sitting by the computer I now and then get messages about friends visting Paris being safe. Every time both pain and love enters my heart.

I think about them loosing there loved ones, in something that seems meaningless from my perspective. It's painful.

I remember 9/11. How I heard about a little airplane colliding with one of the twin towers, starting to following the news, sitting for hours by the television, gathering with family and friends, trying to comprehend what happened.
And now I don't choose the news channels. I don't want to here people speculating about who is behind this wall of blood in Paris, I don't want to sit for hours being inpregnated byt the fear, that what's happened creates, and can turn in to rage, despair or other strong feelings, that can make us who listens and watches, get in contact with our primal brains... and get in to a survival mode status, where our capacity to think, to act from an aware position, where love is possible get blocked.

At least I know how easliy I get carried away by my primal brain and know what possiblities it sees in a situation like this: It's about fighting, flighting, play deas, space out or tend and befriend. And when many are taken by their primal brains there is an evident risk that triggers behavier that are based there... Like taking revenge, pinting out the perpetrators, the terrorist etc.

I choose another path. And it's not about avoiding to know what happens, but it's about taking a conscious choice about how to respond to this. I want to leave ractions (such as primal brain reactions) behind, still my self and see how I can meet this horror with love and compassion.

So I pray for love. I pray for compassion. I prat for a world where we embrace each other. I pray for the dead ones, I pray for their loved ones and I pray for love to spread in the world.

My heart aches. We are all linked together on this planet. We are all interdependent - and dependent on the gifts of Mother Earth, and to me it's such a mystery how people can choose wars of different kinds. 

Let's choose love today, tomorrow, and evert day. Let love embrace the scared ones, let love embrace the fear inside us, so we don't need to hurt anyone, nor ourselves, nor other fellow human beings, nor Mother Earth.


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