In the presence of a Priestess

Suddenly she sits in the sofa in my castle.
We haven’t met before, and still I feel an instant connection.
Our hearts is there, our beings, our curiosity and playfulness.
Mai Vu is an international relationship coach, with a special relation to Sweden.

Often, when I meet people there is a kind of instant love happening. It’s like two souls knowing each other for a long time, and then meet as bodies, as persons. As if the getting to know each other has already happened on some subtle level.

To me this happens more often with women, than with men. I have had several blind dates, with women - or rather, I have asked a female facebook friend whom I haven’t met in person and ask if we can have lunch together. And then, very often, magic happens. When we leave the table, if feel to me like we are old friends.

And the same thing happened the other day, when I met Mai Wu. In May a mutual friend asked me to take contact with Mai, since she felt that we might have things in common. Being stressed out and close to a deadline I reluctantly had a Skype conversation with her, and already then I felt our energies drawn to each other.

I had no idea Mai was going to Sweden, but saw a little note on a friends Facebook wall, and then I sent a message to Mai, and less than 24 hours later she sits in my sofa, prepared to do an interview for my podcast, 100%-podden.

And it was so interesting and gratifying to be part of her feminine universe, where she sees women in three positions, as peasants, princesses and priestess, three aspects a woman need to stand in full bloom. Three aspects that can be present at the same time, and still grow from the first position, the peasant.

Before the interview Mai asks med who I am and what I do. I give her a brief and still deep dive into my universe, picking up my sword and tell her I am warrior of love. She says later that in that moment she saw that my priestess is integrated in me … something I also recognize in myself.

The three p:s is something Mai Vu has given birth to, and which is very helpful in understanding oneself and others.

If I oversimplify the three p:s I would say: We are born as peasants, and to the peasant part of us, life is challenging and you need to prove your self all the time, you need to earn love, there is a lot of should and fears, and you work for money. The princess has desires and asks for what she wants and needs, she can chase butterflies, she can play, she can embrace her beauty, and she has self-love. The priestess have the power to choose her life, to expand her power, to listen to her inner wisdom, she is free and grounded. It might take time to grow into the princess and the priestess, and once you are aware of these aspects of you, then the different aspects can serve you for different purposes and situations. Sometimes you really need your peasant.

In the talk with Mai I felt the whole spectrum being alive, and the part that I felt most was our priestesses. Both of us know what we are here for, both have a mission, both are prepared to do what it takes to get there. And both have the ability to choose happiness – at least that’s what I felt.

After our meeting I felt so energized, I really felt my priestess love warrior, her strength, compassion and capacity for love.

And I am amazed about the magic in my life, making me and Mai Vu meet. My truth is that synchronicity brought us together this time, and I am so happy for that.

I almost forgot. Mai Wu brought her little baby to me. Her first book ever, already being a bestseller. I soon going to start reading: The divorced mom’s guide to dating”. And I am happy for every woman being coached by Mai to meet love, and their potential.

Charlotte Cronquist is a warrior of love
Love is the answer


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  1. Hej hej Charlotte. Tack så mycket for your love and connection. It was such an honor to be in your presence, you have both power and vulnerability, an intoxicating combination.

    With much love
    Mai Vu
    "All you need is love"



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