I’m in love with a water God!

I look at him in the water. He has just gotten himself immersed by water. The air is still. The sky is blue. The sun warms body, heart, mind and soul. 

The camera catches the moment when all but his hand holding the glasses is above surface.

It’s happening in a split second. And he doesn’t stay submerged for a long time. It’s the Sunday before Midsummer and the Baltic is still chilly.

But he loves the water. He really loves the water. Sort of his first element.

In the evening, by a lake, he tries the water again. A bit less chilly.

And in the morning, when some clouds have invaded the sky, and there is some signs of wind, he enters the Baltic at a new spot.

And I see a water god, there, close to me, captured by the phone once more.

And I know  - well I don’t really - but I believe we will have many moments like this. Us, or me or him in the water. Loving it. Feeling the touch of the water. Sometimes the sensation of being embraced by water. And I’m looking forward fo explore this summer together, close to nature. Being in nature. Being. Breathing. Rest and love.

Reflections from your love warrior 

Charlotte Cronquist

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  1. And I´m in love with water :-)

    Just love the salty westcoast life - the embracement, the warmth, the cooling down, the ... could go on forever. I love the ocean.

  2. Hahaha - I love that top photo of the hand with the glasses sticking out!!

    And I have to agree with Malin - I am also in love with water. <3



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