Bad idea: Traveling in a storm

Callian - Tanneron - Callian October 4th 2021

Yesterday we were waiting for the storm. He heard and saw warnings everywhere. On the radio, on the weather-apps and also in Pokémon Go.

And then we wanted to take a tour. And me, yes me, got the (not so) splendid idea to visit Tanneron, a small village in the mountains, where the mimosas grows. Tanneron is known for its mimosa forest. I do know that the lovely flowers bloom in early spring, being there 30 years ago.

Part of a mimosa branch.
And here you can see what will later become the lovely well smelling yellow flowers.

But I thought it was a nice little ride. Just some fifteen kilometers from home

Didn’t remember the road though. And then suddenly we were at a small road, a switchback, curving the mountain, with the forest almost touching our faces.

It was still sunny when we reached the village. We went up to the church, were we had a splendid vue, and I also could take some pictures of the mimosa. 

We went to the café, but it was closing, due to the upcoming storm. We learnt that also the schools and the shops were closed, and that people shouldn’t drive on the road.

Of course fear hit me. And in my vivid imagination trees would fall our the road and we would be stuck in a storm in the middle of nowhere.

We drove slowly down the mountain, hearing thunder from a distance, and the road was as deserted as after a catastrophe, in 15 kilometers we met one police car, and a taxi… 

And it felt spooky and scary.

Staffan had his weather app open, and we could see the storm in real time, us passing in between two areas of thunder and lightning.

We got home, safe and sound, and then we could watch the scenery as the storm hit over us.

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