I am multi-dimensional, and I assume you are too

In the early morning I write an article on nursing, a topic I’ve been looking into for years. Then I make a little movie from the love warriors perspective. Later I am asked to ghostwrite a book. While pondering my response I plan a playful workshop, later that day it’s time for coaching, meeting a woman in a certain sexual distress, and then it’s time for the zoom-meeting in the Womens room.

It’s like I am a diversity shop. I have all sorts of interests. There are many things that engage me, and I have skills in different arenas. It’s impossible to say: I am doing just that. I have total focus on that single thing.

The diversity in me, makes me in a sense multi-dimensional. I can dip my toes in many waters, I can actually swim in many different waters, may it be a little lake, a bath tub or the sea.

When talking about business, when talking about having a unique selling point, when talking about how others perceive me, I have, during the decades heard: ”It’s better to sell something very specific to a small population (making something for green-eyed girls who are left-handed) or to find something that makes people really perceive you as the love warrior, the influencer, the authour, the journalist, the tantra teacher, the best public speaker, the guru, the best well paid ceo ever. Or what ever.

It’s like there is an aim to put each other into small boxes. ”This box is Charlotte”. And to me that has been impossible. If I am something, maybe I am a big chest of drawers? I love the diversity. I love being interested in different things. And sometimes it annoys me when someone label me, particularly if I don’t recognize myself as that label… And still it’s understandable. It’s easier to think about another with a label, than of a person running free… isn’t it.

I guess I might have been more seen, if I had focused on one skill, but what would that have taken me?

I remember when I left my last employment. It happened in 1987, when I left a well paid job as a journalist, to be a freelance journalist instead. Some people really questioned me. How could I  go from financial security and a certain status, to walk into the unknown? 

Well, I had to. It was like it felt like I had grown out of that costume, and needed to try to spread my wings.

Looking back: The freelance career made my life more exciting. I started to write books, and later  to edit books. I started to lead courses in public speaking, and later I lead courses in communication. I’ve been teaching at universities, I have met readers, I’ve been on an inner journey the last 25 years, and I went into the tantric playground, and so on.

I’ve also tried many sorts of education, within and outside established institutions.

I’ve also learned to make my own websites, online courses, podcasts…  

I am not just one thing, I have more than one interests, my heart is alive and beating. I am thriving in a sense, thriving being ME, and not trying to adjust to be ”simple to understand”. 

What about you? Are you also multi-dimensional?

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