Sexsibility teachers Lorenzo Stiernquist. The creator.

Lorenzo Stiernquist is the man who created the word sexsibility and then the sexisibility training. Alexand er and me were part of his...

Lorenzo Stiernquist is the man who created the word sexsibility and then the sexisibility training.
Alexander and me were part of his first training.
At the time we called hom our arch angel, in the most loving way.
And as a participant of this years training you will meet Lorenzo in some of the modules.

What does a man who feels that something is missing in his life? 

Or rather, that somethinf is aching, that something doesn´t work?
Lorenzo Stiernquist choose to deal with it. To meet his wounds with an open mind. To explore depth in him self. To stay present, what ever felt inside.

During this inner journey he found out a need to heal wounds connected to sexuality. He needed to reclaime his masculinity. He needed to dare intimacy... and being conscious about what happened inside. And dare to feel whatever he felt. 

And somewhere on this journey he got an idea. An idea to create a training for people who also needed to get in contact wtih their sexuality, others who needed to dare to be intimate with themselves or with others. Others who needed to meet their fears in the field of sexuality.

And one day, I don’t know how it happened, he created the magical word sexsibility, which in fact is a play with words: Sexuality and sensibility. So sexsibility is about sexuality, presence, being in the momemnt, breathing in the moment, making love in the moment, touch in the moment.
And then, in 2008 (I guess) we started the first sexsibilitycoach training. We were 20 flamboyant, shy, courageous, courios, hungry, gourgeous, happy, angry, wild, wonderful... what ever you want to call it, people who started this journey, with Lorenzo as our centering star.
Lorenzo, as a leader, is on one hand understated, and on the other hand firm. And I can see him leading our sharing circle, making space for everyone, and making his dream education come true. I can see his dedication, his strong will, and his love for us and for his mission.
Lorenzo has created sexsibility. He is the father. And now there is a bunch of children, and teenagers and young adults, who carries his legacy.
Lorenzo started the training, he started the sexsibility festival, and the sexsibility evenings. And today sexsibility is something more, and recreated by more people, developing along the way, becacuse all the children put their on fragrance in to sexsibility. And I hope Lorenzo himself love to see this loveseed spread.

Lorenzon will be a part of the upcoming training, starting February 20. You still have a chance to join. There is 2-3 spaces left.


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