Hello, how are you? ... Hope to read you soon... Nytolkning av spambrev :)

Åh, ett kärleksbrev från okänd adressat, var det så här jag skulle känna mig? Jag fick just ett av alla dessa spammejl i min ink...

Åh, ett kärleksbrev från okänd adressat, var det så här jag skulle känna mig?

Jag fick just ett av alla dessa spammejl i min inkorg. Av någon anledning fångades han inte in av spamfiltret.
Och visst känns det fint att någon som kallar sig den vackre mannen hör av sig till mig...
Jag roar mig lite med att göra en tolkning av brevet.



How are you? Well, I hope.

Interested in your profile I would like to contact you to further connaissance.Alors who am I? is a question whose answer is not so easy and I'm not saying this just to keep a mystery ... I'm kinda serious and reserved at first but I'm busy with a beautiful joy of living and I the habit of not taking my head too. I am very family and loyal friend. I'm looking for someone who understands this and sharing. I like going out, even if I do not do it often, especially theater and film. Here I hope you know a little more and it will make you want to know even more! ... I leave you my email address: e-postadress, so you can contact me to get to know if this does not cause you any problems.

So much for my presentation, I hope it has given you want to know more.

Hope to read you soon ..

Min tolkning:

Hello <3

Who are you? Rich, prosperous and beautiful, I hope.
Interested in any woman I can reach I would like to contact you to learn to know you more.

Alors, who am I? Well, since I don't have a clue how to describe myself, I choose to disguise myself, choosing empty words which doesn´t really mean anything.

I'm kinda serious and reserved at first, but after a few drinks I can open up and share my views on anything, even flirt, without taking it to seriously. As a matter of fact I had a few drinks before writing this.

I am From France, and you know how wonderful men from France are. We do have some problem expressing ourselves in English, at least I do. So excuse me for sounding a bit confused (maybe it's the drinks?).

You need to understand that I am a person you can trust. I am looking for a woman, naive enough to believe in me, because I mean that in a relationship, it's really important to share. (Give me your code to your credit card, please. You can trust me immediately.)

I like going out, since it's so boring to stay at home masturbating, and I love to go to the theater or see a  movie film (And then I can dream that you are the lovely woman on stage...) 

So what could I write more to fool you into believe that I am honest? I pretend that I have really shared something from my heart, and that I show how interesting I am.  I leave you my email address: e-postadress, so that I can lie to you even more, and try to convince you that I am the man you are willing to give your fortune to. Please, answer my plead, I really love to fool people. I am the devil in disguise.

So now it's your turn to reveal interesting information about yourself, which I can use to my personal benefit.

I hope that you can read and write better than I can, and that you understod enough of what I wrote, and are naive enough to respond.


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