Andrea Hylén: Transforming grief into passion and sexual liberation.

Andrea Hylén is a remarkable woman. She has met every possible grief in life, and is today one of the most vibrant women I know of. ...

Andrea Hylén is a remarkable woman.
She has met every possible grief in life, and is today one of the most vibrant women I know of. And one important piece in her personal jigsaw was to own her sexual energy.
Andrea Hylén joins The JoyRide Malmö – love in action, and gives you an opportunity to learn more about sexual energy and orgasmic meditation.
– Orgasmic meditation is, to me, a way of connection and owning my sexuality, says Andrea Hylén.

In just a few days Andrea Hylén is arriving in Sweden for the first time in her life. I guess it’s extra exciting, since her great grandfather was of Swedish origin.
– After my husbands death in in 2005, I began to explore a deeper place inside of me. learned to let go of some of the dreams that died with my husband and open to new ideas, dreams and passions.
And Andrea lives her passion today, expanding and following her inner guidance.
She will be in Sweden for several reasons, and one of them is to meet some of the women in Sweden having joined here project Heal my voice (of which I personally am a part).
From my perspective one of Andreas missions in life is to empower women. There are so many women, not telling their truth, not living their lives on their own conditions.
In January 2011, Andrea founded Heal My Voice, Inc. The mission is to empower women to heal a story, reclaim inner authority and personal power and step into greater leadership at the dinner table, in the community and business and in the world. This is supported with a nine month process in on-line communities. Women write their stories in an on-line community, speak on an internet radio program and become more visible in social media.
At the moment I think five books are written, in Sweden and in the US.
They have titles like:
“Inspring voices”, “Fearless voices”, “Empowered voices”.
Being part of a such project is a healing journey to every woman involved.
Andrea Hylén is a coach, author, speaker, parent with expertise in grief, healing from sexuality and trauma and teaches orgasmic meditations in group workshops and private sessions.
Do The JoyRide Malmö – love in action, Andrea Hylén brings her expertise in sexual energy.

Välkommen till Sverige, Andrea.


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