Let’s spread our love today… and next day

I wake up to this Valentines day and love is all around.
My social media channels are full of hearts.
I dance with them, sing with them, embrace them. I swim in this ocean of love.
And I put a hand on my heart, remembering myself that love is as possible tomorrow.

We are made of love, we are made from an embrace, from an orgasm. Life started as a vibration of love and on Valentines day it’s in the center of many persons minds.

So let’s spread and expand love today. Let’s open our hearts up, open it to both deeper realms in our selves and to others. It’s easy to love or embrace the persons who are already loved ones. In my mind I send waves of love to persons out there, in my morning meditation I see their faces.

And I see an opportunity to go further, to expand, to let my heart open to more, to embrace those I don’t know, the persons less fortunate than me, the lonely ones, the sad ones, the grieving ones, the hating ones, the ones whose hearts are coverered with armor, the ones longing for love but to shared or to ashamed to show their longing. I stretch my heart to embrace Mother Earth and all of us living on the planet, no matter the form. I embrace the sun, I embraze the oceans, I embrace all the living and all the growing, and all that I cannot name.

In this moment I breath love, and it’s possible to do that, over and over again. Some of this love will show in a physical sense – me hugging, caressing or making love to another person and some of this love I will spread in the form of energy, of thoughts and by just breathing, holding one hand on my heart and one on a part of my body that needs some extra attention.

And I will remind my self to be in this expansion tomorrow, and the day after as well. This planet and all it’s inhabitants and all that is growing needs love.

In some moments it’s so simple (and I know it’s an over simplification) it’s about love. Deep down, all we need is love.

Charlotte Cronquist is a warrior of love

Love is the answer


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