Ängsbacka tantrafestival: Having an erotic conversation

Today is a day of living in totality at the tantra festival at Ängsbacka.
And I realize I often do.
And just some moments ago I had an erotic conversation on stage with Bruce Lyon, that you can listen to this autumn in the 100%-podcast.

(This post was written Friday, but due to bad wifi, not published until now...)

What is it to living fully? This morning I answered that question and felt that it can be much, and in the core I find the sentence: “Living in wonder, and meeting every moment with curiosity and freshness”. There were other things coming up, but I guess most of it was about being in the moment, being really present and feel what ever is there to be felt.

And I realize that my podcast project is made in that spirit. I meet a person, am super curious of him or her, I go in to presence and then i put the recorder on and the meeting starts. I have no questions prepared, I just let go.

There is an intensity to these kind of meetings. I do not know what will show up, how the tidal wave of the talk will emerge. I do not know if I will just ask questions or if I also share some of my experiences.

And today, at the tantra festival, I had Bruce Lyon in the chair. I felt a bit nervous, because he is so much of a man, and I guess parts of me have the tendency to put him on a spiritual piedestal. And as I let my anxiety rest in my chest, it was as if it dissolved, and we began to talk. It felt a bit like swimming in an Ocean, moving around like fishes or seagrass, with me at the steering wheel, and Bruce willing to answer my questions or reflections.

Even though there was an audience, thay disappeared to me. I want in to a bubble of total presence and then the talk unfold. I feel actuallt humbled by creating space for this talk, surrender to the moment and at the same time take the role of facilitator and letting my guest rest, and just answer and what kind of level he or she is prepared to meet me in this very moment.

And with Bruce it was like the whole cosmos was invited to join, I met a sovereign being, I met the wild and I met eros. And suddenly Bruce said:

– This is an erotic conversation.

And as he said that I could really feel it. Being in presence, allowing the moment to be there, and feeling a shivering in my body, an aliveness, the vibration of life, and yes, it was an erotic non touch conversation, that made me feel so alive.

Now I sit here, for a while in my own space, feeling grateful for my life, for my willingness to be in totality, to living fully ... in my ear and in my heart I hear my heart sing: Just float in love, let love in, be a part of the love that creates the world.

And I also feel that it’s an excellent opportunity to be in love with love here at Ängsbacka tantrafestival.

When you want to listen to previous episodes of 100%-podden, you can look here. The Specials are in English, and all the others in Swedish.


Charlotte Cronquist is a warrior of love.
Love is the answer.


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