I am here to be a warrior of love

At a very special moment I felt the love warrior enter me.
The message I got is that the love warrior is here to heal, and to open to more love and connection and that a sword might be useful while on the journey.
I was shaken by the paradoxical in this. And then I felt that there is a need to fight for love, in a both determined and loving way.
And now I am meeting people that I can knight, to be in service of love by my side.

As I am writing I feel my inner dragon. She is green in this moment, she is huge, she has a tremendous amount of power, and she can light any candle and any fire with her breath.

It is I riding the dragon, not trying to fight it any more, not trying to kill it, but to ride together with her. Feeling her strength, feeling my love and determination. And even if the ride is sometimes bumpy I love the force of our union.

In other moments I am in contact with my inner volcano. It’s as if I can feel the magma of Mother Earth running up my feet, entering my vagina, spreading out in my whole body and bursting out through the top of my head.

And then I am vibrating with energy, vibrating with love, vibrating with creativity. The last few years I have got more and more access to this power. It has mainly happen through a combination of surrender and exploring of my sexuality, letting my being relax and allow my desire to be there, my horniness to bloom, and to feel the connection between what’s happening in my body and the divine.

And I guess it’s this explorative journey that made it possible for the warrior of love to emerge.

Science states that there is a connection between sexual violation of women and a loss of creativity, energy and will. And my experience is that many people, men and women, have turned of some of their sexual energy, for several reasons, among them shock, shame and guilt.

As long as this haunted me – having experienced sexual violations – and having surrounded my sexuality, and even my vagina, with feelings of unworthiness, shame and guilt, it was difficult to express myself or feel myself in totality. It was like there was an invisible shield between my life force energy and me. Like I was at least partly turned of.

And with my inner journey in general, and my tantric path in particular, I feel more alive with every breath. And it started with a question that might seem simple: Who am I? The last two decades the question has taken me to places I couldn’t even imagine when the journey took of.

Today I can watch people being turned on to life, and it touches something deep in me. It’s as some of them do a transition from surviving mode to living in totality mode. And my experience is that sexuality and sexual energy, healing sexual wounds is a crucial part of the journey. So much vitality, energy, creativity and desires can bloom when letting love, life and sexuality happen.

And I witness something more. When a person is on the journey, letting go of should’s, ideas, and fears, it’s like some of the self consciousness, some of the ego, also is dropping and that the person gets more and more dedicated to share his or her gifts with the world, to serve, and to spread love and happiness to others.

I am on that journey. Let´s live happy lives. Give space for your inner warrior of love. Give space to explore the depths of desire. Let life flow. Feel the abundance that is possible.

And when you feel stuck, give me a call. 

Charlotte Cronquist is a warrior of love
Love is the answer

Charlotte is a Swedish love and sexcoach, author, podcaster and vibrantly alive.


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