The inner voice and self-acceptance

Nowadays the inner voice is present.

We are friends.

I hear it. 

Sometimes it gives me guidance.

Sometimes it shows me an emotion.

Sometimes I meet a relaxing silence.

Sometimes I really feel that I am home within.

There was anger in my system for a while this morning. 

And I let it be there.

I felt the neurotransmitters running around in my system.

I got energized. Like ignited from within.

And my inner judge seemed missing. He didn’t judge what was happening inside. He wasn’t pissed by my anger.

And I felt a relaxation. An inner acceptance also for being angry for a while.

Maybe it’s there, with my inner voice, I really will learn relaxation and self-acceptance?

Reflections from your love warrior

Charlotte Cronquist

#lovewarrior #love #selflove #self-acceptance

#kärlekskrigare #kärlek #självkärlek #självacceptans


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  1. I love reading YOU in English my friend! I want more. It's different. Still You, but a different take on you!



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