What is perfection?

Trying to translate something I have written in Swedish to English.
Am so used to have the ability to choose my words precisely. As if I, in Swedish, paint with words.
I often say that I am in love with words, and that this love is met.
But then again, using another tongue, my vocabulary isn’t the same.
My possibilities to express myself properly shrinks.
And within me I hear a voice whispering about failure.
And I start to reflect on what perfection really is?

What if I write a text in English and consider it good enough, even if it’s not perfect, even if I don’t find the proper nuances, even if I have to take shortcuts?
What would happen if I didn’t strive for perfection?

In my life, outside the words, I gave up the aim for perfection years ago. It happened when I asked the question: Being perfect from what perspective? What is my perfect? What is my moms?

What if I see my words in English like I am practicing something, like I try, and with every try something other or new might emerge?
What if I am kind to myself, even when it comes to errors in language?
What if?
What if that is perfection?

Reflections from your love warrior
Charlotte Cronquist 


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  1. Wow! Exciting practice :-) And since I'm swedish I really didn't miss any nuances ...

    Plus: reflecting on comparising on my blog today. Without comparing (the "perfect" with ourselves?) we're darn perfect as we are!

  2. Yes.
    What IF that is what perfection is?

    I do believe being human equals being imperfect, and that for me, is our perfection!



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