Heaven on earth (and in the water)

I am looking at this picture of myself from yesterday. Me in the water. I see relaxation there. And I also see happiness. To me my love for life is visible. It’s like one of these moments when it’s really true that I am love (just as you are). I guess it’s 20 degrees Celsius in the water. I am there as me in the water. I feel it’s embrace. I follow the impulses and swim for a while. Then I am still in the water. It’s like a state of being.

And I hope that I can have many moments like this. When I really belong to this mystery. Where I feel gratefulness and love. And also the vibration from everything surrounding me. Happy. Grateful. Playful.

Reflections from your love warrior Charlotte Cronquist

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  1. A state of being indeed my friend, indeed.

    I went bathing Friday evening with a colleague of mine (imagine having a colleague who is as keen as I am for cold baths and skinny dipping!) after a summer fest at the project. Looooovely!



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