Sexsibility teachers: Ingrid Frideborgsdotter Vivavagina

Today I proudly present my sexsibilitycoach college Ingrid Frideborgsdotter , a true flamboyant goddess, embracing all her fem...

Today I proudly present my sexsibilitycoach college Ingrid Frideborgsdotter, a true flamboyant goddess, embracing all her femininity and all her sexuality, and ready to help other gods and goddesses to heal, relax, and enjoy.
Ingrid Frideborgsdotter will join the sexsibility training in the august module on daoist sexuality.

Ingrid Frideborgsdotter stands in front of me. She looks me straight into my eyes... with tenderness. I can feel her vibrant presence. And at the same time she stays in herself, I can feel her ability to centering, to give, to be available for others, without ever losing herself.
In Ingrid I both se a deeply serious person and a playful girl, her acting out whatever is needed in a meeting.

I guess this ability to centering and presence is due to her daily qigong practise. A presence which also gives her a unique possibility to heal deep sexual wounds, especially in women.
She has created Vivavagina, a hands-on treatment for vaginas, needing to heal, and opening up to pleasure.

Ingrid tells med why she works in the field of sexuality:
– I find female seuxal liberation is like a turbo liberation for women in every aspect of themselves.That was what happened to me. As I started working with my sexuality, everything in my life transformed, it was like being touched by a tornado.

Ingrid Frideborgsdotter chose to do the sexsibiltytraining to heal her own wounds and to explore her sexuality. She had no intention whatsoever to workin in the sexual field.

– Later four of us sexsibility coaches met and began to give each other massage sessions. Three on one. At one occation I got fotmassage from one person, breast and headmassage from another and a vaginamassage by the third person. It was painful, it hurt, and at the same time I enjoyed. Different emotions wandered through me. I felt free after this session.

– I went home and stod up naked on my qigong mat, and made an hour long qigong program. The sweat poured from my body and I felt like I was floating 50 cm above the ground. I heard the Goddess call me asking: Ingrid, is this experience only for you, ut should you let others feel what you just felt. At first I answered her: Yes, its just for me.
– But later I surrenderad to the Goddess. Now i devote my life to Vivavagina! treatments, Goddess, and Godcircles, daoist energymassage and groupd which aim sexual liberation.

Sexibility coach, dao masseuse and Qigong Teacher. She is highly regarded for her workshops during the festival of Sexsibility and Sexsibilitynights in Stockholm. In the training, she will participate in the module on Daoist sexuality and share practical exercises. Ingrid gives Viva Vagina! treatments designed to defuse tensions and blockages in the abdomen, releasing energy and flow of life in the pelvis and whole body. So you get more access to your desires and become free to embrace your sexuality fully.


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