And my being goes bom bom bom

The sun shines from a clear blue sky.

The landscape is smiling.

I am back in old hoods.

I meet old friends and family.

My heart sings.

Things happens rapidly. Like knocking on doors, without sending a text beforehand.

Just being there and doors open.

I meet a newborn and dive into being.

I hold him in my arms and am close to the mystery.

And then, on the way to one of these meetings I meet her - a dear friend I haven’t seen for ages.

The night before she was there in my dreams.

We see each other simultaneously.

And both run towards each other.

I am craving for hugging her. And we stand there in an embrace where I feel this deep mysterious connection. And during these very few minutes we see each other we hug three times.

And all my being is happy. Today, more than 24 hours later, the feeling is still there.

To meet in physical form is really something so much more than any zoom meeting.

And I bow to the Universe which gave us the possibility to meet. Even if very very sudden and quick. Love is there, in all its simplicity.

Reflection from your love warrior Charlotte Cronquist

#love #sisterhood #lovewarrior #meeting #universe #hug #embrace #presence #happiness #grateful 


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  1. "Love is there, in all its simplicity."
    And the beauty of it. Life. Love. Living. Laughing.
    Meeting. Finding the gorgeous giant poppies in a garden of Eden....



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